Gonzalez Reeds

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Clarinet Reeds and Saxophone Reeds


This artists choose Gonzalez Reeds.

"With Gonzalez reeds, relevant qualities as depth in the sound and projection are achieved with ease. This allows us to comfortably work on the expresion"
Carlos Céspedes

Phillip Paglialonga

United States of America


Clarinetist Phillip O. Paglialonga teaches at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, but starting in the fall of 2018 he will be joining the faculty at the University of North Texas. He is a founding member of the PEN Trio, which regularly tours throughout the United States and abroad.  His book, Squeak Big: Practical Fundamentals for the Successful Clarinetist was released in August 2015 by Imagine Music Publishing and has garnered significant praise from leading clarinetist including prominent members of the orchestras in Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle, as well as stellar reviews in several major publications.  He studied at DePaul University with then Chicago Symphony Principal Clarinetist Larry Combs, and at the University of Michigan with Fred Ormand and Daniel Gilbert. Dr. Paglialonga is a Gonzalez artist and performs exclusively on Gonzalez GD reeds.  


Mail: clarinet@vt.edu

Web: http://www.thefirstgissilent.com

Phillip  Paglialonga
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