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"With the high level of quality surrounding Gonzalez Reeds production, I can always count on a great performance"
Logan Richardson

Phillip Paglialonga

United States of America

Clarinetist Phillip O. Paglialonga has quickly emerged as one of the leading performers and pedagogues of his generation. His book, Squeak Big: Practical Fundamentals for the Successful Clarinetisthas garnered significant praise from leading clarinetist including prominent members of the orchestras in Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle, as well as stellar reviews in several major publications.

As a performer, he has appeared on four continents and regularly appears throughout North America and abroad. His performances have been heard on National Public Radio, the CBC in Canada, TGW in Guatemala, CBMF in Cuba, as well as several other regional radio and television stations. He has visited dozens of universities to present recitals and classes, and is regularly invited to perform at venues around the world. Recent highlights include performances at Bellas Artes Guatapé, ClarinetFest, ClariBogotá, ClariMania, Cranbrook Concert Series, Festival Internacional de Música Alfredo de Saint Malo, Fiesta de los Clarinetes, Society for Electro-Acoustic Music, Tutti New Music Festival as well as concerts in China, Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Israel, Spain, Thailand, and Trinidad.

He is a founding member of the PEN Trio, a woodwind trio that regularly tours both in North America and abroad. Highlights of their 2017-8 season included concerts in Costa Rica, India, Panama, and the United Kingdom; as well as domestic tours in Arizona, Indiana, and Michigan.

In the fall of 2018 he joined the faculty at the University of North Texas. Dr. Paglialonga is an artist for both Buffet Crampon and Gonzalez Reeds.


Mail: clarinet@vt.edu

Web: http://www.thefirstgissilent.com

Phillip  Paglialonga
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