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I have to say that Gonzalez Jazz reeds Local 627, are the best option for musicians looking for the best sound on their instruments. They have a high quality production, very consistent, even in all registers, with a powerful, warm and centered sound.
Aldo Salvent

Bruno Di Girolamo


He studied with the M° Fernando Gambacurta near the Conservatory of S. Cecilia in Rome and orchestral technique with F. Ferrara in Venice. 
He has been Primo soloist clarinet in the orchestra of Florentine Musical May, Orchestra Regional Tuscany - ORT - the prestigious Orchestras of the RAI: Milan, Rome, Alessandro Scarlatti of Naples, as well as of the orchestra of the National Academy of S. Cecilia and S. Carlo in Naples. Besides he has been member of numerous formations chambers recently recording the Quintets for clarinet and arcs of Mozart, Weber and Brahms. 
His meticulous research of the "Beautiful Sound", essential patrimony to communicate his Own Emotions, has brought him to overcome the Italian confinements to land to the most important builder of clarinets in the World: H. Wurlitzer (Germany). For these peculiarities he is the clarinettist preferred by the genial M° Franco Mannino with which he still collaborates for the execution of his works.  
Scrupulous musician, endowed with a not common virtuosity technique, he specialized in the repertoire for clarinet from the classical period up to the historian ’900 as soloist exhibiting himself and in chamber formations near important Musical Institutions in Italy and to the foreign countries: Germany, France, England, Belgium, Japan, USA…. 
The repertoire for soloist performed with the orchestra, consists of authors like: W. A. Mozart, G. Rossini, L. Spohr, S. Mercadante, M. Puccini, A. Coopland, F. Mannino, G. Finzi and B. H. Crusell, of which the same Di Girolamo, after a deep musicological research, and thanks to the precious collaboration of the Germanic institute in Rome, it proposes the original version of the three concerts for clarinet and orchestra, for other very performed in Europe and almost ignored in Italy. He plays Gonzalez reeds GD n°. 3,5

Bruno Di Girolamo
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