Gonzalez Reeds

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Clarinet Reeds and Saxophone Reeds


This artists choose Gonzalez Reeds.

"With Gonzalez reeds, relevant qualities as depth in the sound and projection are achieved with ease. This allows us to comfortably work on the expresion"
Carlos Céspedes

Kathleen Jones

Puerto Rico

Kathleen Jones, born and raised in a musical family in Eugene, Oregon, has been the professor of clarinet at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico (CMPR) and the principal clarinetist of the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra (PRSO) since 1975.  She is a founding member of the chamber group Camerata Caribe, in residence at the CMPR since 1982.  She holds a Master of Music in clarinet performance from Northwestern University, where she was a student of, and assistant to, Robert Marcellus.  Her Bachelor of Music degree is from the University of Southern California, with Mitchell Lurie, with whom she also worked for two summers at the Music Academy of the West.  In addition, she studied with William McColl at the University of Washington, in Seattle, Leon Russianoff in New York, and Clark Brody in Chicago.  She attended Tanglewood in 1982, where she coached chamber music with the violinist Rafael Druian. 

She has been soloist with the PRSO on eight occasions, premiered dozens of works by Puerto Rican composers, played recitals at ClarinetFests, and written articles for The Clarinet.  Her CD Caribe Clarinete, works for clarinet by Puerto Rican composers, and more information are available  at www.kklarinet.com.

Web: http://www.kklarinet.com

Kathleen Jones
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