Gonzalez Reeds

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Clarinet Reeds and Saxophone Reeds


This artists choose Gonzalez Reeds.

"Playing Gonzalez reeds brings immense personality to my sound. The right frequencies and warmth result from the Local 627 alto and tenor reeds. You have to try them."
Josh Quinlan

Pablo Salvador Valdes Barrera


Pablo Salvador Valdés Barrera is a outstanding chilean clarinetist. Was born in Santiago de Chile in 1990. He began his studies at the Liceo de Música de Copiapó in 2000 with Professor Andrés Pallero King and entered the Faculty of Arts of the University of Chile in 2007. Later in 2011 he entered the Modern School of Music and Dance, with Professor Jorge Rodríguez Cerda.

Parallel to his formal studies he was part of the Metropolitan Student Symphony Orchestra (2007 - 2008), National Youth Symphony Orchestra (2009 - 2013) and was awarded a scholarship by the Corporation of Friends of the Municipal Theater of Santiago (2008 - 2013).

He participated actively in Masterclass with the masters: Ronald van Spaendonck (Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris), Michael Rusinek (Pittsburgh Symphony), Jonathan Cohler (Boston Conservatory), Jorge Montilla (University of Iowa School of Music), Cristiano Alves (Petrobras Symphony Orchestra), Michael Arrignon (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris), Alain Damiens (Ensemble Intercontemporain), Olivier Derbersse (Orchester de Paris), Carlos Cespedes (Stable Orchestra of the Colon Theater of Buenos Aires), Dmitry Limantsev ( Bolshoi Orchestra), Antonio Saiote (Escola Superior School of Music and Arts, Portugal), Ranieri Chacón (Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra), Michael Webster (Rice University), among others.

He attended the XI Festival of Music of Santa Caterina FEMUSC (Brazil), IX International Festival of Young Clarinetists of Venezuela and the Orchestra International Theater Theater of Lago de Frutillar 2015.

Between 2014 and 2016 he was Clarinete Soloist of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Temuco, where he premiered the "Concierto para Clarinete y Cuerdas" by the Chilean composer Carlos Zamora.

He has toured the country as a guest musician of the Concepción Symphony Orchestra, Maule Classical Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra of Valdivia, Chamber Orchestra of Chile, Marga-Marga Orchestra, Camerata Andrés Bello University, Antofagasta Symphony Orchestra, Copiapó Symphony Orchestra , among other.


  Currently graduated from the Escuela Moderna de Música, he works as Clarinet Soloist of the Classical Orchestra Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH) since 2017.

Pablo Salvador Valdes Barrera
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