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"Gonzalez reeds give me a warmth in my sound that I cant find with any other reed. I can always bring my true sound out with their amazing and long lasting reeds."
Benjamin Drazen

Rodrigo Dominguez


Sax, clarinet, compositionn
Rodrigo Dominguez is the most sought after saxophonist in the vibrant Buenos Aires jazz scene.  He is an inspired, critically acclaimed improviser and composer. This dynamic artist expertly plays a range of woodwind instruments with powerful eloquence.  Esteemed by his peers and critics alike, one can detect his commanding presence on most contemporary Argentine jazz recordings.
Born in 1970, he played with most of the greatest musicians in argentina, including "Mono" Fontana, Guillermo Klein, Horacio Larumbe, Carlos Lastra, Pepi Taveira, Walter Malossetti, Javier Malossetti, Hernán Merlo, Quintino Cinalli, Ernesto Jodos, Enrique Norris, Diego Urcola, Gustavo Bergalli, Daniel Perez, Fernando Tarrés, Tango Crash project, Guillermo Bazzola, Mariano Otero, Luis Nacht, Juan Pablo Arredondo and “Fats” Fernández, among many others. 
He studied with the likes of Jerry Bergonzi, Greg Hopkins, Ed Tomassi, Tony Malaby and Chris Cheek, as well as, attended to private lessons, master-classes and jam sessions with Walt Weiskopft, Ralph Lalama, Chris Potter, Perico Sambeat, Hermeto Pascoal, Branford Marsalis, Wynton Marsalis, Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Phil Markowitz and Marc Copland. He recorded and toured extensively throughout the Americas and Europe on various projects involving musicians worldwide.
In 1999, Dominguez, along with trumpet player Juan Cruz Urquiza and drummer Oscar Giunta, founded QUINTETO URBANO, a leading group in the vanguard of “Jazz Argentino” combining jazz instrumentation and language with elements of Argentina’s diverse musical tradition. this group was a pioneer of the so-called new argentinean jazz movement.
Domínguez is a valued teacher at Berklee International Network, the principal jazz school in Buenos Aires, which molds musicians from throughout South America. Such dedication to the genre has earned him a significant place in cultivating the contemporary jazz scene. Also, he teaches privately, and lately he´s been developing a system for ensemble free improvisation, doing workshops in Europe and South America and Mexico.
He runs several projects: an organ trio, a quartet devoted to the music of the great argentinean pop singer and composer Luis Alberto Spinetta, a quartet that plays original music, a trio featuring the great american bass player Mark Helias (with wich he toured Mexico in march of 2010), several different free improvisation groups, etc. He also participates as a sideman in many projects, like Barry Altschul´s Argentinean group, Fernando Tarres´quintet and sextet, (commisioned for a recording playing piazzolla´s music), Tresspass, (a group that mixes free improvisation, electronic processing and visuals), bassist and composer Mariano Otero´s different groups, The TangoCrash Project, Santiago Vazquez y La Grande (a large group of free impro, groove oriented, directed by a system of signals), etc.
He´s the Argentinean musician that has recorded more jazz cd´s in the last 10 years or so.
He won several prizes and awards, and has many good press quotes, but he´s too shy to list them here!


As a Lider or co-Iider:
• Rodrigo Domínguez "Presencia" (2010, S-Jazz)
• Rodrigo Domínguez "Soy Sauce" (2008, S-Jazz)
• Rodrigo Domínguez "Tonal" (2004, BAUrecords)
• Rodrigo Domínguez/Marcelo coelho “Paralelas” (2010, independiente)
• Quinteto Urbano "En Subida" (2003, Fresh Sound)
• Quinteto Urbano "Estudio + Vivo" (2001, Acqua Records).
• Quinteto Urbano "Jazz Contemporáneo Argentino" (1999, Acqua Records).
• Dani Pérez "Bue/Bcn Connection" (2002, Fresh Sound).

As a sideman:

• Guillermo Klein "Una Nave" (Sunnyside, 2005, Limbomusic, 2008)
• Mariano Otero orquesta "Desarreglos" (Sony, 2010)
• Mariano Otero Quinteto "En Vivo en Medio y Medio" (S-Jazz, 2008)
• Mariano Otero orquesta "Cuatro" (S-Jazz, 2007)
• Mariano Otero orquesta "Tres" (S-Jazz , 2006)
• Mariano Otero "D-forma" (S-Jazz –EMI, 2004)
• Mariano Otero "A Través" (BAU Records, 2003)
• Santiago Vázquez "Ra-Amón" (Los Años Luz, 2004)
• Santiago Vázquez & Colectivo Eterofónico de Improvisación "Medios de Transporte" (Musical Antiatlas, 2001).
• Santiago Vázquez "Santiago Vázquez & Puente Celeste" (Musical Antiatlas, 1998).
• Juan Pablo Arredondo “Fantasías animadas” (Sofa Records, 2010)
• Juan Pablo Arredondo "Lo que las paredes oyen" (BAU Records, 2004)
• Fernando Tarrés "Todo Buenos Aires" (BAU Records, 2011)
• Fernando Tarrés "cruces" (BAU Records, 2006)
• Fernando Tarrés "Milongueando Solo" (BAU Records, 2003)
• Fernando Tarrés "Camorreando" (BAU Records, 2002)
• Paula Shocron "Urbes" (BlueArt, 2007)
• Hernán Merlo Quinteto "ConSin" (Fresh Sound, 2002).
• Mariana Baraj: "Deslumbre" (Los Años Luz, 2005).
• Mariana Baraj: "Lumbre" (BAU records, 2002).
• Sergio Verdinelli "Primo" (Buri, 2005)
• Lucia Pulido "Songbook, vol. 1 y 2" (BAU Records, 2005/6)
• Mulam “Como los Niños Viven" (Los Años Luz, 2004).
• Marcelo Gutfraind "Río Abajo" (BAU Records, 2003)
• Guillermo Bazzola Summer Quartet "Alas" (BAU Records, 2002).
• Guillermo Bazzola Summer Quartet "3D" (PAI Records, 1999).
• Luis Nacht "Nachtmood" (BAU Records, 2003)
• Tango Crash “Bailá Querida” (Aqua Records – Galileo, 2008)
• Tango Crash "Otra Sanata" (Popart-Galileo (Europa), 2004)
• Tango Crash Project (Popart, 2003)
• Pepi Taveira "Dahomey Dance" (BAU Records, 2004).
• Guillermo Vadalá "Bajopiel" (Epsa, 2004)
• Javier Malosetti “Niño” (S-Jazz, 2007)
• Eleonora Eubel "Full Moon" (Eurecords, 1999).

Rodrigo Dominguez
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