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Ulrich Drechsler


Ulrich Drechsler started ing the clarinet in the marching band of his hometown at the age of nine. In order to getting prepared for entering a classical conservatory he studied with a clarinet er of the operahouse in Stuttgart. At the age of sixteen he taught himself to the tenor saxophone, leading him to focus more on improvised music. Finally he decided to study jazz and moved to Austria. Between 1992 and 1998 he studied in Graz at the University of Arts.
Since 1999 Ulrich Drechsler is living in Vienna as a freelance composer and musician. He chose the bass clarinet as main instrument. The broad experiences made in his student years mirrors in his versatile projects.
Short after arriving in Vienna he founded the trio Café Drechsler with drummer Alex Deutsch and bassist Oliver Steger which caused international furore. Stilistic elements of various styles of music, like contemporary electronic music, melt into a completely improvised and acoustic context. For their third album the group received the austrian Amadeus Award in 2005.
In the quartet Poesis Ulrich Drechsler dedicates himself to classical music. 2001 the group released a completely new adaption of Franz Schubert’s song cycle "Die Winterreise" for jazzquartet entiteled "Nebensonnen"
Ulrich Drechsler has a strong bond with the music of Thelonious Monk. He put together the group The Monk In All Of Us that committed itself fully to interpreting the musical oeuvre of this great genius of jazz history. With the exotic lineup bass-/contrabass clarinet, trumpet, double bass and drums the group travels on yet unknown paths through the compositions of the great pianist. Their debut album "the Monk in all of us" has been nominated for the prestigious Hans Koller Award in 2005.
The Ulrich Drechsler Quartet, founded in 2005, was his debut as a band leader. With this fantastic group, featuring longterm compagnions Oliver Steger, Jörg Mikula and the extraordinairy norwegian piano player Tord Gustavsen, Ulrich Drechsler presented his original compositions for the very first time. In Tord Gustavsen he found a partner who absorbs his ideas perfectly, processing them in his own unmistakeable unique way. The debut album "Humans & Places" got raving reviews both from audience and critics.
After six years of intense concert touring "Café Drechsler" was substituted by a new project: "Drechsler" is the name of the new quartet that is staffed - next to Ulrich Drechsler - with Oliver Steger and Jörg Mikula accompanied by the great Zuzee on the turntables. Although the sound is familiar - music for dancing, a blend of HipHop, drum´n´bass, Jazz, R&B, Bossa Nova etc. - due to the new cast a totally new, independent, contemporary sound emerged. The first album "Fortune Cookie" has been released in 2006.
In order to give his compositions new forms of expression, in 2007, together with guitarist Heimo Trixner and percussionist Jörg Mikula, he founded the “Ulrich Drechsler Trio” with the debut of the album “Daily Mysteries” in the same year. Similarly to the music of the quartet with Tord Gustavsen, the melodies and their gentle motion play a dominant role. The distance to the “proper” rhythm-group, the unique interpretation of the  bass clarinet, guitar und drums, as well as the absolute equilibrium of the instruments allow the musicians to move much more freely within the context. The music acquires an ascending atmospheric character.

Mail: mail@ulrichdrechsler.com

Web: http://www.ulrichdrechsler.com

Ulrich  Drechsler
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