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"Fortunately the perfect sound doesn´t exist. But Gonzalez Reeds have helped me a lot to get a little closer to my imagination of sound. And that´s the most precious gift you can give a musician. Thank you so much."
Ulrich Drechsler

Yuan Yuan


Clarinet  Associate Professor of Central Conservatory of Music, Deputy Principal Clarinet  of China Philharmonic Orchestra, Associate Director of Orchestra Office, Central Conservatory of Music.
Born in Guiyang ,1974,Yuan began the study of clarinet in his eleventh, and entered the middle school attached Central Conservatory of music in 1987,being taught by professor Yuan Fu Huang.In 1992,he was admitted to Central Conservatory of Music, studied clarinet performance with Professor Chun Xiao Tao. In 1996, he graduated with honors and began his life as a teacher in the Central conservatory of music. In 1997, Yuan left for advanced study in Amsterdam Conservatory of Music, Holland, with Professor Herman Braune.
Yuan has earned an impressive list of awards: First Prize and special award for Chinese work performance of 1st China Clarinet Competition. First  Prize of 1st China Wood Wind Chamber Music Competition.
As a soloist, Yuan has already come off the concert successfully as early as graduated in the high school, winning the concern of various authorities. He was invited to perform with chamber music Ensemble of Central conservatory of music in France, received great praises. He played recital in the concert hall of Central Conservatory of Music in 2003, and performed with China Youth Symphony Orchestra in many concerts. He was invited to make performances in numerous festivals including the Festival of Central Conservatory of Music, the Modern Festival of Central Conservatory of Music, Xi An International Clarinet Festival , Shang Hai International Clarinet Festival, etc. Since 2006, he has performed recital and given lectures throughout China.
Yuan has been BUFFET performing artist since 2007.
Yuan was admitted to China Philharmonic Orchestra as deputy principal clarinet in 2005, he toured hundreds of cities in Asia, Europe and America, worked with many famous conductors and soloists.
Yuan is also one of the first who have played the modern works, he was the member of China modern music Ensemble.
Yuan also made many recordings including the abulm of clarinet solo, “masterpiece of clarinet”, etc. In 1996, German records WEGO published his laser disc. Yuan published some articles such as "how to play clarinet" and "the development of clarinet".
With beautiful sound, proficient skills, Yuan’s play is impressive and passionate. As an active soloist, teacher and recording artist, he gives recitals and chamber music concerts in great amount of places in China.

Yuan  Yuan
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