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Cane Growing

Argendonax S.A. owned by the Gonzalez - Davolos family, currently has four plantations of Arundo Donax with a total cultivated area of 104 acres.
These are supervised since 2006 by the Agronomist Pablo Nacaratto, who since joining our staff has set new standards in high production of organic farming of Arundo Donax.
The cultivation system is in furrows, separated by alleys from 20 to 30 feet wide, depending on the plantation’s age. The irrigation system is the California drip type, taking the water from wells located 590 to 650 feet deep.
Only organic fertilizers are used in our plantations (worm humus or goat manure). We do not make use artificial pesticides or agrochemicals.
Mendoza’s sun and soil do the rest, these are essential in order to obtain this excellent raw material with its special sound and unique yellow color.
The harvest takes place in winter when the cane is the driest and the sap has settled to the bottom of the plant. The canes are harvested manually with pruning shears and are cut only after the second lifecycle. Only the best pieces are selected based on the plant’s age and diameter.
Subsequently the leaves are removed. The canes are finally laid out in the sun during 30 days, one by one being rotated manually in order to make sure that the drying is complete and uniform.