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Do you think things were, are and will always be… or do you feel part of this history…


Did you know that Local 627 was the union of African-American musicians in Kansas City at the beginning of last century? The place received among its members, with only 15 years old, the renowned Charlie Parker. Founded in 1917, was the cradle of great bands and talented soloists who revolutionized jazz in America with its pioneering and unique style. With our new Jazz model, we want to honor them!

Gonzalez Reeds :: Clarinet Bb :: GD clarinet


GD reeds are made from a cane with a classic French Cut. they are made with a thicker blank and a larger diameter material than the standard clarinet reeds. This material are normally used in the manufacture of Alto saxophone reeds. This give a much deeper sound. They are the first Gonzalez reeds with a Filed Cut.
The reed has a longer scraping area and more wood in the heel, therefore is a more vibrant and lasting reed.





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