The real sound of The Andes. Reeds from Mendoza, Argentina

Single Caneyard

All the raw material used to manufacture our reeds comes from our 3 de Mayo plantation, at the foot of the Andes Mountain Range. Using material from a single caneyard results in unmatched consistency.

As with wine, Mendoza is a terroir for cane. It has a combination of geographical factors that give our raw material a unique character.

Our 3 de Mayo plantation is located at the foot of the Andes Mountain Range, which, at this latitude, is at its highest point. This creates a barrier against the humid wind from the Pacific Ocean, and makes Mendoza a semi-desert with great thermal amplitude and more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year.

Thousands of years of sediment washed down from the mountain have generated rich soil for cane growth, which is irrigated with meltwater and therefore has a
high mineral content. All this elements, in conjunction with hot summers, cold winters, frosts, and occasional strong winds, result in a robust, dense reed with a
complex sound, deep nuances, and a distinct personality

How’s the rigorous making process?

The cane arrives at our factory after 5 years of aging, and got cut in tubes.

Tube cutting

The tube splits and divides in 4. Then it’s classified by width and thickness.

Segment splitting

The segment gets cut to the final length for each instrument.

Final cut of the segment

The cane is precisely rectified to obtain a perfect table.


The cane is molded, and a bevel is done in order to facilitate the vamping.


The reed is vamped with high speed and precision machinery

Reed vamping

The tip of the reed is cut and the strength is measured, then engraved and packed in our ecofriendly packaging.

Finished reed


The artists are the ones that legitimize our work, that gives testimony of our rigorous production process.

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Carmen Teresa Borregales

"Whether it is in an orchestra or chamber group, as a soloist or as a popular musician, the nobility that characterizes the material of Gonzalez Reeds is the indispensable tool for the versatile clarinetist".

Carlos Averhoff Jr.

"Gonzalez Reeds are different to other brand of reeds I have played before. Gonzalez reeds project a beautiful centered and deep timber that I have been always looking for. Those reeds match perfectly with my style of playing".

Franklin Cohen

"The Gonzalez FOF clarinet reeds, combine the characteristics of warmth, power and smoothness, that I have found to be a winning combination for so many years!".

Federico Palacios

"Gonzalez Reeds has been with me since the beginning of my career. The constant quality and regularity of the product allows me to develop my musicality, without limits nor risks. Open a box, choose any reed and play with it immediately at a concerts have become a invaluable habit".

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