Andrés Pérez Muñoz

Andrés Pérez Muñoz was born in Santiago de Chile, on June 4th 1983. He is a musical performer, session musician, arranger, composer, producer and academic director of Superior Jazz School.

Andrés has a great career with clarinet and saxophone studies, with Maestros such as Carmelo Bustos y Gerhard Mornhinweg.

In the beginning he started playing saxophone at the age of 12 with the band “Conchalí Big Band” from Santiago de Chile; later, his participations with other Jazz big names and in international music are a lot, among those includes: Billy Cobham (USA), Cindy Blackman (USA), Maxx Furian (Italy), Erick Latham (USA), Horacio ‘El Negro’ Hernández (Cuba), Ed Motta (Brazil), Sting, Ennio Morricone, Lenny Andrade (Brazil), Andrea Griminelli, and many others.

He participated at the following international festivals: JazzBol Festival, Bolivia (2009) with Christian Gálvez Quartet; Recife Jazz, Brazil (2008) with Contracuarteto; La Pataia International Jazz Festival, Uruguay (2009) with Christian Gálvez Quartet; Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival, Argentina (2009) with Contracuarteto; La Plata International Music Festival, Argentina (2009) with Verdevioleta; Providencia International Jazz Festival (2006, 2007 and 2009) with Providencia Big Band, Contracuarteto, Quintessence and Viña del Mar International Song Festival (from 2007 to 2016) with the Festival Orchestra, Chile; Lebu International Jazz Festival, Chile; Mapocho Recoleta International Jazz Festival, Chile; Chile Jazz Festival; Womad Festival, London (2016); Roskilde Festival, Denmark (2016), among others.

As a session musician he has recorded more than 200 albums, both national and internationally, including: “Santiago Vivo” (Andréz Pérez Quintet), “Aystellum” (Ed Motta, Trama Record Label, Brazil); “Imaginario”, “América Luz” and “Crisálido” (Christian Gálvez Quartet, Pez Record Label, Chile); “Contracuarteto” (Contracuarteto, Independent, Chile); “Quintessence 2005-2007” and “Anónimo” (Vértice Record Label, Chile); “Tribute” (Andrea Tessa, Oveja Negra Record Label); “Cicatriz”, “Mapocho Vivo”, “Viaje al interior”, “El Imaginario, ruidoso y resonante mundo de Fortunato y Mapocho Orquesta” (Mapocho Orquesta); “Mil caminos” (Lucybell); “Vengo” (Ana Tijoux).

In 2012 he published the first “Real Book Chileno; Partituras de jazz y fusión nacional”. This book includes 207 plays of 87 composers from the 40s until 00s.

In 2014 he founded Del Sur Record Label, in association with Del Sur Studios, creating a catalog of artistic excellence and great variety within jazz.