Angelo Torres

“I like Gonzalez Reeds a lot, especially for the full bodied tone they give me in all regions of the saxophone”.

Saxophonist with strong influences from American Gospel and Black Music. Today he is one of the great names of the saxophone in Brazil. With studies at the National Conservatory of Music (Niterói-Río de Janeiro), Angelo has as main characteristic the striking melodies that stroll through Pop making a fusion with Smooth Jazz and Black Music.

His sonority and creativity put him alongside the great names of National Gospel music, such as Aline Barros, Fernandinho, Kleber Lucas, Davi Sacer, Bringing the Ark, Álvaro Tito, Oficina G3, Mara Maravilha, Sérgio Lopes, and many others. Alongside these, he participated in several CDs, DVDs, concerts and tours reaching notoriety in Brazil and the United States.

In his career he has recorded 10 solo CDs and 1 DVD, where he plays and sings the striking melodies that made him one of the most prestigious saxophonists in all of Latin America.

In 2015, he made a project that marked his life, the recording of his first DVD – Minha História (My History). Recorded at i9 Music, one of the largest concert halls in Rio de Janeiro, it was a great event, critical and public success, with the participation of Kleber Lucas, Davi Sacer, Álvaro Tito, Marquinhos Gomes, Marcus Sales and Kirk Whalum, one of the great names of contemporary saxophone.

Currently, in addition to his tours, Angelo divides his time in supporting students of his online courses and to the production of his instrumental music program on YouTube, AT JAZZ Music: a program that counts on the participation of the most diverse and renowned musicians to play and share their experiences.

In 2020 Angelo released his newest instrumental album, Inicio de Tudo, an authorial project full of Brazilian rhythms and a lot of swing. He perform his songs in a contagious way where the highlights are the quality of the arrangements, the versatility, the sonorous beauty of his sax, the band’s performance and the handpicked entries. The album features Kirk Whalum, Milton Guedes, Álvaro Tito, Marcos Nimrichter and João Alexandre.