Emanuela Vitali

“In Italy there’s a saying that reads ‘horse that wins doesn’t get changed’. I use Gonzalez Reeds in the saxophone and clarinet, and for me they’re winning horses. In every reeds package you always have the certainty that the quality maintains the same, package after package. They’re strong and durable and maintain an unaltered sound until the end. The timbre is warms and well projected, with excelents responses in the staccato and in the flexibility of the different registers. Gonzalez Reeds have no equal”.

Emanuela Vitali was born and raised in Switzerland, and started her music studies at the age of 6, following several preliminary Orff courses. Emanuela studied clarinet and graduated from the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory, in Milan, under the guidance of L. Magistrelli. She started studying the sax, applied to jazz language, at a professional level with the Latin American saxophonist Roberto Hinojosa Ramos.

Emanuela has won several national and international competitions including: 1st prize, in the Solo Clarinet Category, at the International Competition “La Vallonea”; 1st prize, in the Chamber Music Category, at the International Competition “Fryderyk Chopin”; 1st prize, in the Wind Instrument Category, at the “Giosuè Lillo” Competition; Merit Award for Best Interpretation in the European Competition “Mendelshonn Cup”; Special Mention at the X Savinense Music Festival.

She expanded her knowledge of instrumental practice by studying in master classes with Enrico Maria Baroni, Richard Stoltzman, Nicola Miorada, Fabrizio Meloni; also has deepened the study of breathing and the phonatory system and its dynamics.

Thanks to her concert performance activity, she specialized in teaching young children, adults and people with learning problems, developing a personal teaching methodology.

She composed various musical material such as methods, studies and jazz pieces for educational and artistic purposes and passionately lives, performs and teaches that music is for everybody.