Gustavo Firmenich

Gustavo Firmenich is a saxophonist, clarinetist and musician from Argentina. His activities are mainly focused on the development of two orchestras: Tango Jazz Quartet and Jazz4; and, on his activities as a teacher, the Jazz4 music school. From this music school, the following student’s orchestras have emerged: Sotavento Big Band, San Miguel del Monte Municipal Orchestra, Cañuelas Municipal Orchestra, Barlovento Orchestra and El Noneto Jazz Band.

With Tango Jazz Quartet, Gustavo has obtained a very interesting musical mixture, in which he takes the rhythm and the melodies of the tango and enriches them with the harmonies and the improvisation of the jazz. With Tango Jazz Quartet, he made eleven tours throughout Europe (between 2011 and 2019) as well as a tour through Brazil (4 tours), South Africa (3 tours), USA (3 tours), Russia (1 tour), China-Hong Kong (1 tour), Nigeria (1 tour) and Mozambique (1 tour).

With the Sotavento Big Band he made 3 tours in Europe (2015-2017-2019), with the San Miguel del Monte Municipal Orchestra he made 2 tours in Europe (2017-2019) and 1 tour in Brazil (2018), and with the Cañuelas Municipal Orchestra he made 1 tour in Brazil (2017) and 1 tour in Europe (2019).

He is also in charge of the artistic management of the Pinamar Jazz Festival, which in 2020 had its 19th edition; the Gesell Jazz Festival, which in 2016 had its 4th edition, the San Miguel del Monte Jazz Festival (3 editions) and the Cañuelas Jazz Festival (3 editions).

He also published nine albums with his groups and five more with his school bands. From Tango Jazz Quartet, the published albums are: “Tango Jazz Quartet”, “Bailarin Compadrito”, “On tour 2013”, “On Tour 2015”, “Buenos Aires” and “Live in Paris”; from Jazz4, the following albums have been published: “Jazz en el Subte”, which is until today the best sold jazz album of Argentina, “Jazz4” and “Porgy & Bess”. From his School Orchestra Sotavento Big Band, three albums have been published: “Sotavento Big Band”, “Diez Años” and “Tango”; and from San Miguel del Monte Municipal Orchestra have been published: “Orquesta de Monte I y II”.