Jeff Antoniuk

“I have been playing Gonzalez Local 627 reeds for years on both tenor and soprano sax. They are so consistent and have such an immediate response, while always sounding full. They are the best!”.

Born in Edmonton, Canada (and having lived in Nigeria as a child) saxophonist and educator, Jeff Antoniuk, has defined his musical life by creating and expanding communities, whether improvising a solo, connecting with a festival audience, or in his numerous workshops and master classes. Heralded for his “considerable chops” (Jazz Times Magazine) and “a creative spark that never lets up” (Rochester City Paper) Antoniuk is a force to be reckoned with on the horn, and a master educator renowned around the world. His “Digging Deeper” jazz education videos on YouTube and Facebook have been watched over 2.5 million times.

An Eastman Saxophones, Rovner Ligatures and Gonzalez Reeds Artist, Jeff is internationally respected as both a master performer and as an engaging and inspirational educator. He has received numerous awards and commissions, and has produced over 10 critically acclaimed albums over the past several decades. He is currently the Artistic Director of both JazzWire Summer Summit and Jazz Band Masterclass, and has performed with the likes of Jimmy Haslip, Marcus Miller, Ingrid Jensen and Helen Sung.

A past university professor and guest lecturer, Jeff became clear that good jazz eduction is not about “more information.” Better education is based on more wisdom, and more community. His subscription web site, is connecting adult musicians from over 25 different countries around the globe, and providing them with a place to support each other, to truly connect and work together, and to get great, actionable input. Jeff has personally worked with thousands of adult musicians in more than 25 countries to help get jazz back into their lives.

Based in the Annapolis, Maryland (USA), you can find and work with Mr. Antoniuk at