Jorge Luis Morales Valenzuela

Graduated from Lima National Music Conservatory (Peru 2000), where he studied with the masters Claudio Panta and José Luis Eca. He refined at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent, in Belgium, with the master Eddy Vanoosthuyse (2003-2004).

He took private classes with the masters Valdemar Rodríguez (Venezuela), Luis Rossi (Argentina), Sabine Meyer (Germany), Walter Saifart (Germany), Valery Verzuchenko (Russia). In 2004 he participated at the International Music Festival in Oviedo, Spain. He was part of the following orchestras: Lima Philharmonic Orchestra (1998-2002) and Pro- Lyric Symphonic Orchestra, during opera season (1999-2002); he was chosen to represent Peru with the Andean States Symphonic Orchestra (Fomento Andean Corporation, 2002), where he did concerts in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia. In 2003, he was part of Belgium International Clarinets Choir, lead by the master Eddy Vanoosthuyse, touring different cities in Europe. Since 2004 he is the Principal Clarinet of Piura Municipal Symphonic Orchestra.

Jorge Luis Morales Valenzuela have performed as a soloist with Trujillo Symphonic Orchestra, Lima Youth Symphonic Orchestra, Piura Symphonic Orchestra and Callao Municipal Symphonic Orchestra. Also, he constantly performs at different Chamber Music events.

He was the Clarinet Professor at Piura Superior Music School “José María Valle Riestra”. Also, he has taught at “Ernesto López Mindreu” Superior Music School (Chiclayo) and at Carlos Valderrama Regional Conservatory (Trujillo). In 2011 he was invited to give master classes at the North Music Festival, in the city of Eten, Chiclayo, Peru. In 2012, was invited to teach at the 2nd International Clarinet Festival, in Lima National Music Conservatory. He also participated as a speaker at the 1st and 2nd Lima Music Camp, in 2017 and 2018; and in 2020, at Clarinet Week Fest.

Jorge Morales is the Assistant Director of Piura Symphonic Orchestra, since 2010, and was invited to conduct Loja Symphonic Orchestra, Ecuador, in 2017, and Cusco Symphonic Orchestra, in 2020.

Since 2013 he is an artist for the prestigious clarinet brand Selmer-Paris and, also, a Gonzalez Reeds artist.