Pablo Clavijo

Borned in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 3rd 1976.

He studied piano at the Bachillerato de Bellas Artes where he obtained his degree on Music.

He began his saxophone studies with the master Pablo Ledezma in 1995, and continued at the Avellaneda Popular Music School, EMPA (in Spanish), where he obtained his Instrumentalist of Popular Music degree, with a specialty on jazz sax.

During 2005 and 2006 he was part of EMPA’S Big Band, under the conduct of the masters Lito Valle and Ariel Goldemberg. Between 1997 and 2015 he was part of the band Karamelo Santo, in which he has toured all over Latin America, United States and Europe. He made the wind arrangements for the group and played the alto and tenor sax in the albums “Los Guachos” (2002), “Haciendo Bulla” (2004), “La gente arriba” (2006) “Antena Pachamama” (2008) and “Karamelo Santo” (2011).

He worked as a session musician with the following artists: Bernard Fowler, Kapanga, Coti Sorokin, Jimmy Bosch, Chucky de Ipola, Pilo Gomez, Tambo Tambo, Jimena Baron.

Nowadays, he is part of the Orkesta Popular Bomba, the blues big band Bluebrass Kings and the Amy Winehouse tribute band No Rehab Band.

Together with British guitarist Robin Banerjee, he leads the group Mr PC Ska Jazz where they mix the language and jazz themes with the Jamaican rhythms of ska and reggae.

Parallel to his artistic activity, he works as a private Sax and Music Theory teacher and as a wind arranger.