Pedro Garbajosa

He was born in Madrid. He studied music at the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid, obtaining the Advanced Degrees in Clarinet and Chamber Music, with Awards and Honorary Registrations in both specialties. Among the people who contributed to his musical formation, he shows special thanks to the masters V. Sausor, M. Muñoz and V. Peñarrocha (clarinet), P. Zazpe (solfeo and theory of music), J. Villa Rojo (harmony) and L. Rego (chamber music).

He has completed several further training courses with J. Tomas, W. Boeykens, A. Pay, C. Myerscough, J.L. Estellés… but it is with the English teacher A. Pay that he studied regularly from 1992 to 1996. He was awarded a scholarship by the Madrid Region for postgraduate studies at the Academia Internazionale di Musica “Lorenzo Perosi” in Biella (Italy).

He has been a member of various Chamber groups. He was a founding member of the Young Symphony Orchestra of the Community of Madrid. Among other formations, he has played with the Symphony Orchestra of Madrid, the Symphony Orchestra of Castilla y León, the Spanish Symphonic Radio and Television Orchestra, the Hanoi Philharmonic Orchestra (Vietnam), the Municipal Symphony Band of Pereira (Colombia). He has recorded three Cds with the contemporary music group “Cosmos” (EMEC record company, and SEVERAL RECORDS company), a CD with the trio “Desde el Sur de Europa” (SONY FOLK record company). He has also collaborated with the group “Xeque Mate” in the recording of “Alen da Lenda”, (RESISTENCIA récord company), with the GCMUS of the University of Santiago for (GCMUS record company).

He has also recorded two Cds with the Areteia Quartet:  “Música para-Camus”, by S. Mariné and “Acrílico y Oleo”, by A. Moreno (VERSO record company).

It has recordings for R.N.E., CANAL +, RAI and RADIO FRANCE.

His concert activity has taken him to the main theatres in Spain, to stages in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Egypt, Japan, Vietnam, Colombia and Morocco. Since 1997 he has also devoted himself to the study and teaching of Yoga, especially applied to the performing arts. Disciple of Sri Madhavacharia Yogui Dhasa, from whom he obtained the degree of Maha Yoga Siromani (superior teacher of yoga). He is also a graduate in Vedic Medicine and Bioespinology. He belongs to the Sanatana Dharma Association. In 2014 he completed a master’s degree at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, presenting a T.F.M. entitled “YOGATHERAPY FOR MUSICIANS: ‘Towards to a new awareness’s development to express what we are”.

He has taught many summer courses in Barcelona (Vallés Music School), Segovia (Música selecta), Sepúlveda, Salamanca (Professional Conservatory of Music and “Diego Pisador” Asociation), Segovia (Katarina Gurska’s School), Sepúlveda (Rondó School), Elda City International Course (assistant teacher at Máximo Muñoz).

He has also taught courses, lectures and master classes in the higher conservatories of the Balearic Islands, Alicante and in the professional conservatorias of Ávila, Valladolid, Ciudad Real, Campo de Criptana and Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real), Murcia, Cartagena, Lorca, Zaragoza, Salamanca, several professional conservatories in Madrid (Amaniel, Joaquín Turina, Ángel Arias, Arturo Soria, Getafe, Adolfo Salazar and Moreno Torroba, Cervantes Institut (The Cairo), Cervantes Institut (The Cairo), the Vietnam National Academy of Music, and Pereira Cultural Training School (Colombia).

He is currently working as a member of the Dharma trio, the Areteia quartet (resident group of the Autonomous University of Madrid) and the RCSMM Wind Quintet. He teaches clarinet and Yogatherapy for musicians at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid.

Currently he develops his concert activity as a member of the Dharma trio, of the Areteia quartet (resident group of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) and the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid Wind Quintet. He teaches clarinet and Yogaterapia for musicians at the RCSMM.

Pedro Garbajosa plays with SELMER clarinets, model Saint Louis.