Ramiro Antonio Miranda Paredes

He started his music career at the San Agustín de Arequipa National University (Peru), increasing his clarinet studies at the National Conservatory of Music of Lima (Peru), alongside the master José Luis Eca Fiestas. Additionally, he was a member of the Piura Municipal Symphonic Orchestra and a guest at the Arequipa Symphonic Orchestra.

In 2001 he received a scholarship from Séminàire Saint François in Quebec (Canada), where he participates in the season Concerts of L’Harmonnie of Charlesbourg. In 2011 he received a scholarship from the Sao Paulo State Government (Brazil) to be a part of the Brazilian Sopros Orchestra (Symphonic Band from the Tatuí Conservatory).

During his stay in Brazil, he studied at the Tatuí Conservatory, improving on clarinet, Brazilian music, chamber music and early music; besides receiving classes from masters like Edmilson Nery, Ovanir Buosi, Cristiano Alves and participate in master classes from Ronald Van Spaendonck (Belgium), Yuan Gao (China) and Theorores Schoen (USA).

He was a professor at the Altiplano National University, where creates the Symphonic Orchestra from said university and, after obtaining his Master’s degree in Arts, he started teaching Clarinet at the San Agustín de Arequipa National University.

Nowadays, Ramiro is the President of the Association of Director’s Symphonic Bands from Peru and a candidate to a Doctor’s degree in Education Science from the San Agustín de Arequipa National University, besides being an Artist of Gonzalez Reeds.