Roberto Cantero

“Gonzalez Reeds are very comfortable, easy to emit. I really like that they make the saxophone to sound naturalness and effortless.  When I want more volume and aggression they respond perfectly, and when I need subtone sound I get it very easily and warmly; they’re versatile and very homogeneous”.

Roberto Cantero, musician from Málaga with more than 25 years in the music business, as a saxophonist, flutist and keyboardist, as well as a producer and arranger.

His training is based on flamenco and jazz, although he has collaborated in bands with very different styles.

He was the keyboardist and saxophonist of the group “Danza Invisible” for 8 tours and recorded in four of their albums. He has collaborated with many artists, producers and djs, national and international.

He has performed in countries such as Bulgaria, Germany, Turkey, Portugal, Venezuela, Greece, Argentina, Poland, Morocco, United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Sweden, Norway, England, France, Italy and a long list of cities of his native country, Spain.

He made 10 international tours and recorded on three albums of the band Chambao. He occasionally collaborates with different artists like Bebo Valdés, Carlos Benavent, Tomasito, Javier Ruibal y Fuel Fandango.

Roberto was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2008 for Best Producer of the Year, awarded by the Academy of Science and Arts.