Suelen Mondini

Suelen Mondini is a brazilian saxophonist and clarinetist, vocal coach and a scholar in teaching process and music learning. She has a Bachelor in Music degree, specialist in Music Education and active in different areas of didactics.
She has her own YouTube channel, “Suelen Mondini”, since 2015, where she talks about different aspects related to teaching and music performance. Besides the instruments video-classrooms such as the saxophone, clarinet and recorder, are treated topics related to music bibliography, music theory and reading, the particularities from the work market, the music analysis and the artistic career. The channel has more than 65 thousand subscribers.
Nowadays, Suelen is a long-distance teacher to Brazilian and foreign students, a vocal coach and a saxophone, clarinet and recorder professor. She advises students from the online courses “Start Sax “, “Start Clarinet ” and “Start Venova “, an independent and author production, focused on saxophone, clarinet and venova students, respectively. She is the autor of the “Start Sax Saxophone Method “, a publication launched in December 2020. She has her own solo project with a mix between saxophone, pop and electronic music. She performs with her “Suelen Mondini and Band “, in shows focused on instrumental pop music. She is part of the Plural Duo, alongside the violinist Jurian Sutter, and of the band “Marmorstein”.
Suelen Mondini is a sponsor of Gonzalez Reeds and the creator of the Versatile mouthpieces.