Carlos Averhoff Jr. tour dates

Gonzalez Reeds Artist, Carlos Averhoff Jr., continues his tour promoting his latest album, Together.

Saxophonist and Gonzalez Artist, Carlos Averjoff Jr. launched his new material last year and has been very bussy promoting it since. The album, Together, is a tribute to his late father Carlos Averhoff Sr.

During September and October, the Gonzalez Artists will perform in the following places:

Sept. 6th at Sammons Center; Sept. 14th at The Balcony Club and Sept. 23rd at AT&T Center Latinidad Festival (all dates in Dallas, Texas).
Oct. 7th at Denton Jazz Festival, Denton; Oct. 15th at Sundance Square, Fortworth and Oct. 27th at Steve Wine Bar Club, Denton (all dates in Texas).
Here’s what Carlos said about the album https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GvBzfKsf3M&t=1s