Samuel Pompeo releases his new album

Gonzalez Reeds artist premiered the material on February 24th.

The Brazilian saxophonist released his last record, called “Passos Largos”, during February, with the quintet he leads.

Samuel said the following about the album: “In 1964, J.T. Meirelles called the Brazilian musicians. Through his album “O Som, do Os Copa 5” -one of the most famous Brazilian instrumental music records- he asked the musicians to create original works, composed and performed by artists. With this, J.T. Meirelles wanted to highlight all the talent and creativity of Brazilian musicians.

Since the beginning of this journey called “Samuel Pompeo Quinteto”, I’ve tried, through the Choro — a musical universe created by Joaquim Callado and Pixinguinha— to end the interpretative or conceptual stereotypes and limitations of the Brazilian instrumental music. Answering that invitation from J.T. Meirelles in 1964, “Passos Largos” propose a breakup with standardized interpretations, offering a musical vision free of commercial prejudice and limitations, with hopes of emerging new possibilities for instrumental music. ”

You can listen to the album here https://open.spotify.com/album/5MzjxbqCoAWezUkRs6BYMp