Shawn Copeland was awarded for his Pulse album

Clarinetist, and Gonzalez Reeds artists, got his recognition from Stetson University.

Shawn Copeland got the Alumni Award thank to the work he made with his album, Pulse, and what it meant for the LGBTQIA community. Next, we will leave Shawn’s words explaining more the meaning of this award:

“I received a call from the Alumni office of Stetson University, where I completed my undergraduate degree ’99.  They informed me that I was nominated for an Alumni Award in 2020.  Nominees stay on the consideration list for 3 years.  While I have been finalist each year, this year I was selected and will be awarded the Alumni Distinguished Service Award for my work on the Pulse CD and the visibility it has created for LGBTQIA representation in the clarinet community and the classical community at large.

This CD is largely autobiographical, tracing my collaboration with Puerto Rican Gay Composer Carlos Velez – which culminated in the Pulse Sonata honoring those who lost their lives on June 12, 2016.  It is a true honor for me personally, knowing the caliber of graduates from other colleges at Stetson and the work they do in the world.  The award ceremony will take place during our Fall Homecoming events Oct 24-29. More information about the awards can be found here: https://www.stetson.edu/administration/alumni/award-winners/index.php

This CD was funding completely by the Kurt O. Olsson Early Career Research Grant, award in 2019 from the University of Idaho”.