Carlos Lastra

“There are many reasons why I choose Gonzalez over other brands, but I would like to point out, mainly, the even and balanced tone that brings in all the register and the fact that it’s workable from the first moment, always ready to be played”.

Carlos Lastra was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1958. He finished his studies at Berklee College of Music, in 1985. During that time, he studied improvisation and instrumental technique with Bill Pierce, Jerry Bergonzi and Gary Smulian.

Since his return, he has been part of countless music project, both as a leader and a side man. He has performed with musicians such as Rudy Royston, Dave Kikosky, Jorge López Ruiz, “Negro” Gonzalez, “Fats” Fernandez, Jim Kelly, Jim Odgren, Hernán Merlo, Erling Kroner, “Quintino” Cinalli, Lito Epumer, Osvaldo Fatoruso, “Mono” Fontana, Ernesto Jodos, Hugo Fatoruso, Pedro Aznar, “Pepi” Taveira, Enrique Norris and Daniel Lastra, and many more.

As a teacher, he was part of the Contemporary Music School (E.M.C in spanish), and the Musical Education School (E.Mu in spanish) and he currently is the Head of the Saxophone Chair of the Manuel de Falla Municipal Conservatory. For three years in a row, he directed the Popular Music career at the Superior School of Art of San Carlos de Bariloche and, nowadays, coordinates the group practice school Jazz Ensambles. He was part of the following festivals: New York Jazz Festival, Jazz de los Lagos, Mar del Jazz, Montevideo Jazz Festival, B.A. Jazz, Santa Fe Jazz, Tucumán Jazz, among others. He participated at the 7 Lagos Jazz, alongside Francisco Lo Vuolo, Jerónimo Carmona and Rudy Royston.

He participated in the following albums: “Espacios” (1990), from Jorge López Ruiz; “Lito Epumer” (1993), from Lito Epumer; “Hernán Merlo” (1995), from Hernán Merlo; “Quintino Cinalli” (1997), from Quintino Cinalli; “Ernesto Jodos sexteto” (1999), from Ernesto Jodos; “Buenas” (2000), from Javier Cohen; “Con sin” (2001), from Hernán Merlo; “Cambio de planes” (2002), from Quintino Cinalli; “Siete matices de gris” (2004), from Carlos Lastra; “El jardín seco” (2008), from Ernesto Jodos.

Since 2007 he leads his own trio, composed by Cristian Bórtoli, in double bass, and by Sebastián Groshaus in drums. In 2011, Francisco Lovuolo joins in the piano so the trio becomes a quartet. During the same year, they record the album “A Child is Born”, for the record label Rivorecords. In 2012, they edit the album “The Inch Worm”, recorded live by the quartet and for the same record label. In 2013, they edit the album “Despedida” for the record label Uanchu; for this, the quartet is joined by Leonel Céjas in double bass. In May 2016, they recorded another album for Uanchu, call “Letanía”, and this time the quartet is joined by a wind section, with arrangements by Daniel Johansen.