Iván Sacerdote

Iván Sacerdote has a plural lenguage, that goes from the Choro, Samba, Jazz, Bossa Nova to the Forró, Concert Music, Reggae and Cumbia, among other music styles. Iván explores the versatility of the clarinet against the background of the city of Salvador, its rhythms and its musical diversity. He performed as a soloist with the Bahia Symphonic Orchestra, Federal University of Bahia Symphonic Orchestra, Regional Os Ingênuos, Mandaia Group and Casa Verde Group until he reached his solo project: Ivan Sacerdote Trio. From 2012, he has been part of the quartet that joins the singer, composer and instrumentalist from Bahia, Rosa Passos, in tours and recordings. Ivan has performed with big brazilian musicians such as Hermeto Pascoal, Paulinho da Viola, Seu Jorge, Xangai, Lazzo Matumbi, Roberto Mendes Saulo Fernandes, Magary Lord, Baiana System, Luiz Caldas, Armandinho Macedo, among others.

He recorded his first album, alongside the multi-instrumentalist Felipe Guedes, with a release scheduled for 2021. In February and April of 2019, he went to the studio because of an invite from the singer, composer and instrumentalist Caetano Veloso to record a duo album, where Ivan performed as a melodist, improviser and producer alongside the renowned artist. They recorded in Salvador and New York and the album was launched in January from 2020. The album “Caetano Veloso & Ivan Sacerdote” is considered by many as one of the best dialogues between instrumental music and Brazilian song. Caetano Veloso said the following:

“I am proud of being as an author, guitarist and singer the vehicle for the launching of this young underground talent. Post-jazz, post-bossa, post-axé, Ivan Sacerdote is good news for our music”.