Juan Manuel Guerrero Milla

Peruvian clarinetist from the city of Lima, where he was born. He studied at the National Music University (UNM, in Spanish) under the guidance of the masters Ana Barrera Albegrin, Claudio Panta Salazar and José Luis Eca.

Principal clarinetist of the Symphonic Orchestra of the National University of Music of Peru (2018).

He participated in the 3rd Latin America Clarinetists Congress in Brazil (Brasília 2013); 2nd International Clarinet Course 2018, in charge of the master Luis Rossi (Argentina); 4th International Clarinets Festival- Paraguay 2018; 5th International Clarinets Festival- Paraguay 2019.

He attended to master classes with the masters Luis Rossi (Argentina), Juan Ferrer (Spain), Antonio Saiote (Portugal), Guillermo Marín (Colombia).

As a soloist, his repertoire includes musical pieces from W.A. Mozart, Francis Poulenc, C.M. von Weber, among others. Regarding chamber music he participated in the 100 years anniversary of the “zarzuela” “El cóndor Pasa”, from the Peruvian composer Daniel Alomía Robles, under the direction of the master Wilfredo Tarazona.

Nowadays he is the Clarinet Professor in the extension course of the National University of Music.

Juan Manuel Guerrero Milla is an Artist of Gonzalez Reeds and uses Buffet Crampon Clarinets (France).