Marcelo Fofão

Marcelo Cordeiro Junior, known as Marcelo Fofão, was born in 1998 in São Paulo, Brazil.

He started studying music at the age of 6 alongside his father, the master Marcelo Cordeiro, a musician from the Symphonic Band of the Military Police.

During his childhood he used to listen to classical music, sacred, North American funk, Northeast music, among other music styles.

He performed in orchestras, as a soloist, and as a popular musician he directed bands and performed in main theatres such as: Sala São Paulo, Teatro Municipal de São Paulo, Memorial de América Latina, among others, and in the main town halls and private events.

He played in more than 20 shows in the United States, as a member of a band, and with big national and international talents.

Nowadays, Marcelo Fofão has develop several online courses and, also, built an online school with his own teaching method, manages workshops, makes live streamings explaining his job and is also a composer and arranger.

Marcelo Fofão represents the following brands:

Gonzalez Reeds

Will Pitondo (Luthier)

Sax Vintago (Sax Shop)