Zhang Zheng

Mr. Zhang Zheng is the Principal Clarinetist of Chongqing Symphony Orchestra, of the Chongqing Opera House; national second-class player, member of Chongqing Symphony Association Council; and member of China Clarinet Association and Chongqing Music Association.

He graduated from Sichuan Conservatory of Music in 1998. In 1999 he went to work in Chongqing Song and Dance Ensemble, as a clarinet player. In 2010 Mr. Zhang Zheng was transferred to Chongqing Opera House. He was invited to perform as the Principal Clarinet in the new founded Chongqing Philharmonic Orchestra, in 2014; also has shared stage with lots of Chinese and foreign artists. He has played solo, chamber, opera, and symphony music. Mr. Zhang Zheng has performed pieces like symphonic poem “Yangtze River”, opera “Fishing Town”, “Magnolia Flower Princess”, “Dust Settled”, among others; this last performance has won many awards from the Ministry of Culture of China, such as Wenhua Award, China National Arts Fund Award, Cao Yu Script Award and many more. He has played in China Western Symphony Week Concerts and Chongqing New Year Concerts. In 2015, 2017 and 2019 was invited to play on China International Clarinet Festival in Chongqing, Beijing and Lanzhou, respectively.

In 2015, he founded the Chongqing Join Music Clarinet Choir, becoming the first professional Clarinet Orchestra in southwest China, and was invited as the conductor. They have played many concerts and were invited to perform a concert at the opening ceremony for the 2015 International Clarinet Festival in Chongqing.

Mr. Zhang Zheng was invited many times as jury in different competitions, such as Sichuan Clarinet Competition, Asia International Teenager Clarinet Competition, Singapore Omantis International Art Competition, European Elbe Valley Music Competition and China Xiao Jin Zhong Competition, Chongqing area.

He was invited once to having public welfare online masterclasses with all 108 Chinese clarinet teachers, and also to having masterclasses in Chengdu clarinet winter camp and Chongqing clarinet summer camp.