Two similar reeds, but with a different approach

Deciding which model of reed to play can sometimes be a confusing task. At Gonzalez Reeds, our Bb Clarinet line is designed to offer an option for the most demanding musicians. Our two best-selling reeds are FOF and GD, models that are siblings, and as such, they seem similar, and at the same time they are very different.

We start from exactly the same vamping, with an identical thickness of material, and strengths graduated in quarters. Thus, we have two reeds with a similar sound profile, but that is where the similarities end.

FOF has a much narrower molding than GD and other more conventional Bb clarinet reeds. It is similar to that of German system reeds, emulating the extinct Vic Olivieri. This releases it in vibration, with a quick response in all registers.

On the other hand, while FOF is made from tubes between 25 and 27mm, GD is made with wider tubes, between 27 and 28mm, which would be normally used in Alto Saxophone. It is because of this characteristic that the cane has more wood, giving body to the attacks, and extending its lifespan.

Another difference, somewhat more obvious, is the type of cut. FOF has its natural crescent, with its characteristic W shape, leaving the varnish intact. This gives a feeling of extra support in the embouchure. GD on the other hand has Filed Cut. By removing part of the varnish, it gains flexibility.
In both reeds, the vamp is the same, and is meticulously designed to take full advantage of the properties of the Mendoza raw material. It is much denser and firmer than that used in other parts of the world, and therefore, reeds have a nuanced sound and great longevity. Added to that, since all the reeds comes from a single caneyard, the result is an unmatched consistency throughout an entire cane of canes.