Reed Care Tips

Extend your reed’s life with these recommendations

You open a box of Gonzalez Reeds. You’ll probably fall in love with four or five reeds and want them to last forever. Unfortunately, at some point you will have to say goodbye to them, but we leave you some recommendations so that day is as far away as possible.

First, you shouldn’t fall in love with just one reed. It is a good idea to have about 3 or more in use and rotate them on a regular basis throughout your practice sessions daily. In this way, you prevent the wood fibers from becoming stressed and aging prematurely. This is also important because if you get used to the feel and characteristics of a single reed, after prolonged use, it is more difficult to get used to a new one.

Wash your reeds after using them, if possible, with a natural acidic solution such as water with lemon drops. This way we prevent bacteria that may be in your mouth from remaining on the reed that could form mold.

Finally, use a good case for storing, with a flat surface, better if it is made from glass. It is important to avoid the reed protectors included with the packaging, whether they are ecological or plastic. These are only intended for protection during transport, and do not guarantee that the reed dries evenly and flat.