New Gonzalez Ambassador program

We are launching an Ambassador Program, a new way of collaborating with the community, with several musicians already on board

At Gonzalez Reeds in 2024 we are looking for new ways to connect with our community of musicians who love our products. We believe the future of music can grow much stronger if we build stronger closer relationships based on mutual shared collaboration between artists and manufacturers, like ourselves.
With the pandemic, the music industry was greatly affected, changing the way people consume music products and encouraging musicians, and us, to think about new ways create revenue streams. The influence of artists opinions has become more important than ever, opening up a huge opportunity for consumers and businesses and musicians to all mutually benefit.
In order to realize this potential, we are launching our new Ambassador Program which will offer those who know, like and trust our products to be more directly involved with us and work with us as affiliate marketers to sell our products.
At the moment, you can only join our Ambassador Program in the United Stated, and only to start as a reseller of our Clarinet reeds. We also launched our online store for the US, which you can visit at gonzalezreeds.com. If you interested in learning more about Ambassador program, you can send an email to Augustina at a.lombardi@gonzalezreeds.com or direct message through our social networks. We believe the future is bright if we share in it together.