The importance of the cardboard reed holder

While it may seem impractical compared to their plastic counterparts, there are great reasons to continue using cardboard reed holders.

Since our founding, at Gonzalez Reeds we have had a great commitment to caring for the environment. Our plantations are organic, we do not use pesticides and agrochemicals, something that fortunately is spreading to the rest of the industry.
Another fundamental element that accompanies this philosophy is the reduction of the plastic content of our products. The goal of a packaging is to ensure that the reeds reach the musicians in perfect condition, and that is completely possible without using plastics.
Single-use plastics are a big problem for the planet, and synthetic reed holders are one of them. Once the reed is in use, they no longer fulfill their function properly, and it is necessary to store the reeds in a suitable case. Then, it becomes waste that will remain circling the planet for thousands of years.
The cardboard reed holder accomplishes its protective function perfectly, and once you start using a reed, you can store it in a case and discard the protector, which is completely biodegradable and compostable.
It is a somewhat more expensive solution than plastic, but simple and we are leaders in it, to the point that we have managed to spread it to other manufacturers.