Single Caneyard

Unmatched consistency

A reed can be only as good as the material it is made from. When the machinery, technology and attention to detail are at their highest level, the only thing left to do is improve the material. And that is the key factor that makes our products unique.

Most manufacturers mix raw materials from different countries, such as Spain, France or even Argentina, both plantation-grown and wild. This means that, although the times are respected and the processes are taken care of, there are differences in character and sound between the different reeds, due to their very different origins.

On the contrary, at Gonzalez Reeds we have two of our own plantations, one of them being one of the largest of the world, located in Mendoza, Argentina, at the foot of the Andes Mountains. We manufacture our clarinet reeds exclusively with the material from one of them, 3 de Mayo.

We call this manufacturing concept Single Caneyard. It means that when purchasing a box of reeds for Bb or Eb clarinet, all the reeds inside will always be from the 3 de Mayo plantation, and harvested the same year. Thus, unmatched consistency is guaranteed, not only between reeds, but also between the boxes you buy later.

The demand for saxophone is somewhat higher, and requires the reinforcement of an extra plantation. However, by being in the same area and cared for with the same standards, we ensure that the material always has the same sound character.

Once you experiment with Single Caneyard reeds, there is no turning back.