Red Cane?

The cane field is starting to look reddish

Fall has begun in the southern hemisphere, which means that there are just a couple of months until we begin the cane harvest. If you visit the cane field at this time, you will notice that much of the cane looks reddish.
Before being harvested, the plantation is cleaned of all those plants that have completed their life cycle without developing the dimensions and characteristics necessary to manufacture reeds. This improves the entry of oxygen, light, and frost into the cane field, causing the sap to descend and the cane to mature better.

This shock causes the one-year-old canes to turn the reddish color that can be seen in the photo, a sign of their maturation process. These reeds, in their second and third years of life, will develop their final golden color and will have a complex, dense and vibrant structure, perfect for making reeds.